Buckhead Honey is Atlanta’s preeminent supplier of high-quality homegrown honey.* Our honey is carefully harvested from hives we assembled by hand and placed in the finest gardens of Buckhead.

Our company was built on the storied tradition of small-scale beekeeping, a practice almost universally present throughout the recorded history of human civilization. Please check our blog page for semi-scholarly articles about the history and mythology of bees, as well as pithy commentary on beekeeping methods, practices, and notable cultural references.

Until the profitability of Buckhead Honey grows to a non-zero figure, both of the founders will be keeping their day jobs. However, rest assured that we have no intention of sacrificing the quality of our product merely for the sake of revenue – so this will likely be a part-time endeavor for the foreseeable future.

As you can see, we have invested literally dozens of dollars in the creation of this website. Please bear with us as we stumble through the process of becoming HTML nerds.


HoneyBuck & BumbleBuck

* Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any accolade, praise, endorsement or other form of qualitative, quantitative, or informational statement referenced to or contained within this website is self-awarded, casually deduced, and/or slightly fabricated. As such, the entirety of this website should be considered with a healthy degree of skepticism and, when possible, a lenient definition of humor.

Board of Advisers

We at Buckhead Honey are very grateful for the guidance, support, and advice of our Board of Advisers.

Mr. Jon Birdsong, Merchandising Consultant

Mr. Zachary Eastman, Attorney

Mr. Hill Hardman, Beekeeper

Mr. Hadi Irvani, Technology Consultant

Ms. McKay McFadden, Beekeeper, HiHat Honey

Mr. E. W. Miller, Beekeeper

Ms. J. Tyner Rushing, Horticulturist

Ms. Alexandra Stieber, Branding Consultant, JWT

Mr. Charlie Thompson, Founder, American Spirit Whiskey

Ms. Sabrina Warhol, Beekeeper

Ms. Cubby West, Graphic Designer, Cubby West Designs