The Harvest – Video



We at Buckhead Honey just finished watching this video from our friends over at Kinfolk.  An incredible cinematic display of the toils and pleasures of honey.  Click here to watch.


We Were Wanderers On A Prehistoric Earth


Honey Hunters – Bhutan

Ever on the quest for honey, Buckhead Honey ventured off to the Himalayan mountain kingdom of Bhutan. Inspired by the discovery of the Honey Hunters of Nepal over twenty years ago, we set off to find the perfect dollop in a land flush with mountain rivers, apple orchards and holy mountains. The trek led us from Thimpu to Parro on an ancient trail through the mountains and forest.

With the bees in our ears, we tasted the sweetest nectar in this ancient garden of Eden. Throughout the journey we sploshed honey on toast, tea, and anything we could eat. They say happy bees make the best honey. This place, known to be the happiest place on earth, also has the happiest honey. Its pure, unblemished taste brings you back to a simpler time.





The Eagleman Stag