The Harvest – Video



We at Buckhead Honey just finished watching this video from our friends over at Kinfolk.  An incredible cinematic display of the toils and pleasures of honey.  Click here to watch.


Run for your lives!

How to start a beesiness

With many people looking to get into beesiness now days, this is how most of them start:

The Best Animation We’ve Ever Seen

We Were Wanderers On A Prehistoric Earth


The Tweed Run

While not required, beekeeping certainly lends itself to overt and occasionally misdirected statements of fashion.  Buckhead Honey is all about looking good, in the bella figura sense.  As an example of people exhibiting commendable sartorial effort, please enjoy this video:

The Hive – A film

A Honey Bee’s Nemesis

A Honey Bee lives its life in a garden of fruits and flowers.  It spends its whole life in the ambrosic nectar of the garden.  Paradise.  But like all Garden’s of Eden, creatures exist there whose only interest is the destruction of paradise.  Hornets are a snakes of any Beekeeper’s Eden.  As the hornets engage their plight of destruction, the bees mount a defense to protect the hive at all costs.  With the hornets outnumbered a hundred to one the bees throw their numbers against the invading species for what becomes an epic honey bee vs. hornet battle.


We recommend this video be watched in fullscreen.


Oh, Honey!